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Endorsements by Public Officials, Organizations, Community Leaders, friends and neighbors

(For transparency and impartiality in my decision-making capacity, I have chosen to not seek or endorse any Sebastopol council candidates or colleagues. This is not a new decision, but one I made several years ago and practiced in the previous Sebastopol city elections. I do not want endorsements to interfere with objective consideration of issues before the Sebastopol council. All individual endorsements that include titles of organizations does not indicate an endorsement from the organization itself.)

Sonoma County Democrats like Neysa Hinton for her fresh and objective approaches to issues such as affordable housing, local business opportunities, transparency when spending tax dollars and maintaining a safe environment for all residents, homeowners and renters. At a time when national economic adversity and state emergencies overwhelm us, Neysa demonstrates how we can remain resilient and active at the local level through collaboration. Her leadership as Mayor of Sebastopol--during the spring 2019 flooding of the Laguna and subsequent threats of fire evacuations and power shut downs that year--best illustrate her tireless and passionate commitment to the town in which she grew up. Neysa Hinton deserves a second term.

— Pat Sabo, Chair, Sonoma County Democratic Party

I have always been impressed by Neysa's thoughtful, considerate approach to complex issues. No matter what the topic - affordable housing, groundwater management, food access and local agriculture - Neysa does her homework, researches the issues, and approaches her decision with compassion and care.

— Lynda Hopkins, 5th District Supervisor

For the past four years, Neysa Hinton has been an effective member of the Sebastopol City Council. I proudly worked and collaborated with Neysa, including assisting business owners at the Barlow after the Laguna flood. Sebastopol residents deserves a quality leader like Neysa Hinton, who believes in producing results, and getting things done. She has invested in the future of Sebastopol and will continue to do so.


— Jared Huffman, U.S. Congressman

Councilwoman Hinton loves Sebastopol and she constantly gives back to the West County, which she has called home for three generations. Neysa is a champion of protecting and preserving our treasured open spaces and family farms. She is helping connect vulnerable families to services during the coronavirus crisis and she is tireless in her work on behalf of local seniors. I fully support her re-election efforts.

  — Senator Mike McGuire

As the largest construction trades local in the United States, we represent a membership of hard-working, dedicated craftsmen who are constantly evolving their skills, while adhering to the vision our founders held. 


Neysa is an amazingly energetic human being who works so hard for the people of Sebastopol. She cares so much about the parks and natural resources of the West County, and is a real hero for the environment. That is why I endorse Neysa Hinton for Sebastopol City Council.

— Caryl Hart, former Regional Parks Director

As Sebastopol's mayor, Neysa Hinton's collaborative leadership helped the city secure $1.5 million from the state budget for flood recovery efforts. Neysa Hinton has earned another term on the city council and I am grateful for her partnership in advancing Sebastopol's interests.

— Assemblymember Marc Levine, Marin/Sonoma

Grounded in hometown pride and a spirit of innovation, Councilmember Neysa Hinton consistently brings the best ideas to the table. Neysa is fighting for affordable housing, to slow the pricing-out of residents and bolster our local economy. She is fighting for transparency and budgetary oversight, to move us beyond a council culture of bureaucracy and unchecked spending. Neysa is compassionately devoted to Sebastopol's wellbeing. Please join me in mailing your vote for Councilmember Neysa Hinton by November 3rd.

— Luke Lindenbusch, Sebastopol Planning Commissioner

You've been endorsed by the Wine Country Young Voters!

We look forward to working with you moving forward and thank you for your dedication to preserving and furthering the interests of young voters in Sonoma County.

We call for the full participation of all young voters without regard to sex, gender, race, ethnic origin, religious or spiritual affiliation, disability, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation in democratic and progressive advocacy.

— WCY Voters

Although Neysa was new to public office and politics when first elected four years ago, she quickly demonstrated a firm grasp on issues facing Sebastopol and she met them head on without succumbing to divisiveness and while searching for common ground. She is approachable and willing to listen when important issues need through discussion, but more importantly, she has the innate sense to determine how best to work for an effective outcome. — Bleys W. Rose, Retired newspaper reporter, former chair of Sonoma County Democratic Party

I fully support the re-election of Neysa Hinton for Sebastopol City Council. Supporting the youth of our community is my purpose and with leaders like Neysa we can & will work together to ensure all of our children have the opportunity to thrive.

— Myriah Volk, Founder and Youth Activist, Shoes for Kids, Sebastopol Union School Board Trustee

I'm honored to support Neysa Hinton for re-election to the Sebastopol City Council. Over the years, I've had the opportunity to work with and get to know Neysa. She is capable, smart, committed and hard working. During her term as Sebastopol's Mayor, Neysa's strong leadership and direct response guided Sebastopol through the Laguna flood, PG&E public safety power shutoffs and the city's first ever evacuation due to the Kincade Fire. Neysa shares my vision and values for a more prosperous and positive future for Sonoma County and it is with great enthusiasm that I endorse her. I encourage Sebastopol residents to re-elect Neysa Hinton, she will continue to work hard for Sebastopol.

— Tony Geraldi, Board Member- Sonoma County Fair, General Operations Manager -Sonoma County Airport Express

Neysa Hinton demonstrated her extraordinary leadership ability as Mayor and council member during the natural disasters which faced Sebastopol in the past 2 years. Sebastopol is well served by this competent leader and I fully support Neysa Hinton to be re-elected.

Neysa grew up in Sebastopol and understands the diverse population and strong opinions on different issues. She possesses the intellect as well as the interpersonal and communication skills to continue to make wise decisions which represent the best for Sebastopol.

— Sandy Reynolds, retired Sebastopol educator

Neysa Hinton is a long time Sebastopol resident. She has been volunteering in this community since her days as a young member of the Twin Hills 4-H Club. She was an active member of the Sebastopol Rotary Club for many years where she chaired and served on several committees. I believe Neysa will be a dedicated member of the City Council. Neysa has the ability to look at the broader issue(s) at hand while also being sensitive to what draws people to our unique community.

— Mia Barbieri Del Prete, Sebastopol Chamber of Commerce Director and Sebastopol Rotarian

Neysa is a tireless worker that deeply cares about our city and the people that live here. Neysa and her family have made West County their home for generations. I can't think of a better representative for Sebastopol City Council. — Russell Smith, Sebastopol

I am honored to be able to endorse Neysa Hinton for re-election to the Sebastopol City Council. Neysa has been a resource for me during my tenure on the Healdsburg Council. She is knowledgeable regarding issues within our County and is always available to discuss issues. Her collaboration with other elected officials is refreshing. I strongly endorse her for re-election.

— Evelyn Mitchell, Mayor, City of Healdsburg

Sonoma County Nurse Family Partnership Advisory Board Member, Sebastopol Library LANTERN Board Member, Former Sebastopol Library Commissioner, Former Sonoma County Child Care Planning Council Member. — Stephen Zollman

I fully support Councilwomen Hinton's reelection bid for City Council because of her strong work ethic, progressive values and her strong connection to her community. She has unparalleled experience that will continue to help the City of Sebastopol moving forward. She served as Mayor, Vice-Mayor, lead the City through natural disasters and pandemic response. She is a true leader who delivers and steps up when the going gets tough. Make sure to vote for Neysa on November 3rd! - Herman G. Hernandez, Sonoma County Board of Education, Area 5 Trustee — Herman G. Hernandez, Sonoma County Office of Education School Board Trustee
John Necker, Sebastopol
Greg Jacobs, retired Assistant District Attorney
Jim Corbett, Sebastopol
Megan Bloom, Board President of Sebastopol Sea Serpents
Joe & Linda Maloney, Sebastopol
Denny Rosatti, Sebastopol
Darrell & Teresa Ramondo, Sebastopol
Pauline Pellini, Sebastopol
Jeanne Bassett Fernandes, President, West Sonoma County Union High School District
Harvey & Bev Henningsen, Sebastopol
Lisa and Chris Dawson, Sebastopol
Kelly Acheson, Sebastopol
Craig & Pat Boblitt, Sebastopol
Sherry Weyers, Sebastopol
Kathy Housman, Sebastopol
Andy & Lisa McCormick, Sebastopol
Ken & Nancy Silveira, Sebastopol
Armand Gilinsky and Jo McCormick, Sebastopol
Carlo Rossi & Missy Danneberg, Sebastopol
Tiffany Lucas, Sebastopol
Buzzy Martin, Musician & Author of Don't Shoot! I'm the Guitar Man
Amie Windsor, Deveopment Associate/Freelance Writer
Jason Windsor, Creative Director/Animator
Jen Ross, Sebastopol
Leslie Graves, Community Leader/ Organizer
Chris Grabill, Vice President, Legal Aid of Sonoma County
Marcos J. Suarez, President Emeritus, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Sonoma County / Community Leader
Esther Lemus, Vice Mayor, Town of Windsor
Victoria Fleming, Councilmember, City of Santa Rosa
Dominic Foppoli, Mayor of Windsor
Melanie Bagby, Councilmember, City of Cloverdale
Marta Cruz, Councilmember, City of Cloverdale
Chris Rogers, Vice Mayor, Santa Rosa
Logan Harvey, Mayor of Sonoma
Amy Harrington, Councilmember, City of Sonoma
Mark Landman, Councilmember, City of Cotati
John Dell'Osso, Councilmember, City of Cotati
David Hagele, Councilmember, City of Healdsburg
Stephanie Hellman, Councilmember, Fairfax Town Council
Jackie Elward, Candidate for Rohnert Park City Council, District 4
Skylaer Palacios, Candidate for Healdsburg City Council
Efren Carrillo, Affordable Housing Advocate, former 5th District Supervisor
Ernie Carpenter, former 5th District Supervisor
Eric Koenigshofer, former 5th District Supervisor
Damon Connolly, Marin County Supervisor
Leeann Lichnovsky, Director of Programs & Services at Community Matters
Jennifer Neeley
Lyndsey Rose Burcina, JA Miss California 2020 & 2021

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